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Tips for Working from Home

Crystal Barrow

I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home during this time of quarantine.  Here are some tips that I have to keep on track and be productive. 

Stick to your schedule.  

Just like at work there is usually a punch in and punch out time.  Try to keep this same schedule.

Allow yourself to have breaks. 

Just like you would at work you can take a break, stretch, or grab a snack.I am not sure about you all but for some reason when I am working from home I have a hard time taking a break.  

Write down a to do list the day before and if needed you can add to it.

Writing down a to-do list the night before allows you to brain dump everything you need to do the next day and get a better night’s sleep.In the morning you may have a couple more things you thought of that can be added.

Keep your space clean.

I like to clean up my desk when I am done for the day so I know where everything is the next day. 

Have a pen and paper close by.

Even though most working from home jobs are on the computer, I find it helpful to have a pen and paper handy just in case I need to make a quick jot.

If you don’t need a phone for work, put it to the side. 

Less distractions the better.Many times people think that since you are working from home that you are more available.  Setting the phone to the side or if you have it by you and you receive a text or call, let the person know that you will call or text them later when you are off.

Have a designated work area. 

Having a designated work area allows you to be able to have all your work items in one place.You are able to get in the zone of working because you have all your work necessities in a permanent place. 

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