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May 5

Goal Setting

Many times, people set goals that far exceed what they are capable of achieving in one year. The goal may be attainable but there isn't a plan in place that gives a guide on how to achieve that goal over the upcoming year. It is important to make sure the goals are attainable.

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August 14

Hotel Etiquette

Going to a hotel is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience where you can create memories and hopefully relax a bit. I have worked with my husband to determine what is the best etiquette when visiting a hotel.

September 24

Power of Affirmations

Affirmations can help rewire your subconscious thought process and create new subconscious thought patterns that are in alignment with what you want them to be. My husband has practiced affirmations for many years now.

December 10

How Much to Tip During the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time of the year. It seems like there is an event or holiday party every weekend even while we are at the end of a pandemic. This time of the year can just breeze. There are a few people to take into consideration that are an important part of your life that you may want to bless and show your gratitude to

December 17

Attachment Styles

There are many factors that affect what attachment style someone grows up to have. Just because someone has one attachment style as they grow up does not mean that they will always have that attachment style. The insecure attachment styles are, anxious, avoidant, and anxious-avoidant.

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