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May 5

5 Books to Read with Your Partner

Many times, people set goals that far exceed what they are capable of achieving in one year. The goal may be attainable but there isn't a plan in place that gives a guide on how to achieve that goal over the upcoming year. It is important to make sure the goals are attainable.

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August 14

Best Chore Apps for kids

Hello all future home owners! Buying a home takes a lot of work and is an extremely stressful experience. Buying a home is an extremely complex process! These are just a few tips I wish I knew before buying a home. I don't think either of us were prepared for the craziness of buying our first home

December 10

Help Your Child with Reading Comprehension

Being able to read a book and comprehend what is going on, to pick out key points, details and to make predictions are important skills for children to learn.  Being aware of your child's reading skills is extremely important.

December 17

Different Attachment Styles and How They Work in Relationships

There are many factors that affect what attachment style someone grows up to have. Just because someone has one attachment style as they grow up does not mean that they will always have that attachment style. The insecure attachment styles are, anxious, avoidant, and anxious-avoidant.

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