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Power of Affirmations

Crystal Barrow

Even as a child, I have always had big ideas and things that I wanted to do. There always seemed to be roadblocks in my way so I just put things in the back of my mind and went on with the routine of the day.  As I grew up, I still did not pursue the many things that I thought about and envisioned.  I had to ask myself what is holding me back? Why do I encourage others to strive to achieve their dreams and goals but hold back myself. I seem to always have faith that anyone and everyone can accomplish their dreams but then doubt myself.

I had started a blog a couple times before but I would not want to share it with my friends and family. I was afraid they would think my ideas weren’t great or think that I was trying to be a know it all. I have always struggled with confidence in myself and my ideas. I have doubted myself time and time again which has caused me to not follow my desired dream and proceed with what is considered to be safe and quiet. I have tried to stay out of sight continually throughout my life and as soon as I felt like I was getting too much attention or developing too many skills, I would retreat. My self doubt and fear has held me back from traveling, pursuing the careers I would have actually enjoyed, taking classes I would have loved to take and many other things I regretfully missed due to my fear and self doubt. I still struggle with this often, but I know that I no longer want to look back and regret not pursuing what actually makes me happy. I am not saying I haven’t lived a great life.  I have had a lot of fun, excitement and treasured memories in my life. I cling to these memories but many times, they weren’t my choice. I had just been along for the ride.

Many times I hid behind a sweet demeanor to cover up my fear and pain. I thought as long as everyone else thinks that I am happy and I am making them happy then I can be happy but i was discontent with myself. In the back of my mind though there was fear and doubt. I still struggle with these emotions, but I am constantly working at breaking past my fears and self doubts by taking action.

I know I am not alone in the struggle of fear and self doubt. The subconscious mind affects many of the decisions that we make in life. It can hold someone back from pursuing their dreams or getting out of a bad situation even when our conscious mind tells us otherwise. There have been many things that I have done to try and change my unhealthy patterns and overcome my fears and self doubts. A few things I have started doing over the past couple of years are eating better, exercising, and reading more books I enjoy. I recently completed my Mater’s degree which did not leave me any time for pleasurable reading. I am making sure I take time to pamper myself once in a while by giving myself permission to take a break or walk away for a bit when I need some alone time.Something I have started to implement in the last couple of months are affirmations.

Affirmations can help rewire your subconscious thought process and create new subconscious thought patterns that are in alignment with what you want them to be. My husband has practiced affirmations for many years now. He was the first person to bring affirmations up to me. At first I thought it was kind of funny and didn’t really see or understand the point of it. I trust and value my husband’s ideas and input so I looked more into it. I by far do not know everything and always love to be able to learn something new so this was the perfect opportunity. As a child, the people around me were encouraging and said affirmative things to me constantly. It is different though when you seriously look at yourself and affirm your value as a human being. I realize that we never stop learning and improving ourselves if that is a priority in our lives. I would love you all to share any tips, ideas, and resources that you have that you would like to share that have helped you overcome negative thoughts or doubts of yourself.

Don't let self doubt and fears hold you back from achieving your dream and goals. If you have been struggling with self doubt and fear take this as your sign to break through that doubt and fear and pursue your passions and dreams.  

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