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How Much to Tip During the Holidays 

Crystal Barrow

The holidays are a busy time of the year.  It seems like there is an event or holiday party every weekend even while we are at the end of a pandemic.  This time of the year can just breeze.  There are a few people to take into consideration that are an important part of your life that you may want to bless and show your gratitude to.  I am referring to the babysitters, nanny, housekeepers, post carrier, trash service people, helpful neighbors and others that are a help to your life.  

My mother has told me stories of when she was young and would babysit.  She would look forward to the holiday season because she was able to get twice the amount she would normally get any other time of the year.  The people that she would work for were generous and wanted to show their appreciation of her hard work.  

People show their appreciation this time of year through monetary gifts - tips.  There are several factors to consider when determining who to tip and how much to tip based on Emily Post Institute.

  • The quality and frequency.
  • The relationship with the provider.
  • The location - larger cities may have a higher tipping average. 
  • Amount of time you have used their service.
  • Your budget. If you do not have the budget to tip, you may want to give a homemade gift with a card. 
  • Do you tip regularly?

Below are some suggested amounts to tip during the holiday season to show these individuals that you appreciate their hard work and help they provide you. 

Appliances or furniture delivery


Car washer

Coat Checker

Dog groomer

AAA service

Food Delivery

Restaurant Server

Hair Stylist

Laundry or Dry cleaning

Manicurist or pedicurist


Valet parking

Waxing or threading


Flower delivery

Usher at a game if they show you to your seat

Sommeliers / Wine steward

$5 to $10 per person

$1 per drink

$2 per car, $3 to $5 for large vehicle or 15% for detailing

$1 to $2 per coat

15% to 20%

$5 to $20

10% or 15% in bad weather

15% to 20%

15% to 20%

$2 to $5

10% to 20%

10% to 20%

$2 to $5


Spare change to $2

$2 to $5

$0.50 to $1

15% to 20%

Many people help to make our lives go smoothly.  The holiday season is a great time to show your appreciation to the service people in your life.  A monetary gift is a blessing to the receiver and the person who gives the gift.  I pray you are all greatly blessed this holiday season.

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