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November 26

DIY Bathroom Makeover

Looking around the house there are a few things that we have added to our list that we would like to upgrade or update a little bit. One of the places on our list we wanted to update was our master bathroom. My husband and I have an amazing master bathroom that just needed a few tweeks.

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August 14

First Time Homebuyers Guide

Hello all future home owners! Buying a home takes a lot of work and is an extremely stressful experience. Buying a home is an extremely complex process! These are just a few tips I wish I knew before buying a home. I don't think either of us were prepared for the craziness of buying our first home

September 10

Guest Room Preparation

My husband and I have family and friends that do not live close to us.  We really enjoy it when they come for short visits.  In order to make sure that it is pleasant for our guests, there is some preparation involved.  I like our guests to feel comfortable and appreciated, so I make sure that I do certain things to achieve this goal.

September 3

DIY Bridesmaids Boxes

I was working with a budget for our wedding with the understanding that we would probably have to fund the majority of the wedding ourselves. I had to figure out some pretty creative ways to achieve my vision of a beautiful amazing wedding and avoid the dread of looking at my bank account the next day.

December 17

What You Should Know About Your Home

There are so many actions that are required to make sure that your home stays in tip top shape. Being a new home owner requires a huge learning curve.  Even though I have been in my home for a little over a year now I am constantly learning new things to ensure that our home stays together. 

December 3

DIY Calendar

I had been looking for a whiteboard calendar for some time but couldn’t find the right one to fit my wants and needs. Ultimately, I bought a plain whiteboard and made it to my liking. It has a monthly calendar on the top half so that I can get an overview of the month. On the bottom is a weekly review that is broken down by time increments in order for me to efficiently manage my days.

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