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Guest Room Preparation

Crystal Barrow

 My husband and I have family and friends that do not live close to us.  We really enjoy it when they come for short visits.  In order to make sure that it is pleasant for our guests, there is some preparation involved.  I like our guests to feel comfortable and appreciated, so I make sure that I do certain things to achieve this goal.  What I do is: 

  • make sure that there are plenty of clean matching towel sets laid out for our guests. 
  • Clean fresh sheets are prepared in advance.  Whenever guests leave, I immediately wash the sheets and prepare the bed for the next visitors.  I also make sure that there are a couple of different weights of blankets for the guests to choose from.  
  • A heavy blanket, such as a quilt just in case it gets chilly during the night, will also be available.
  • A good reading light clipped to the headboard and/or beside the bed is provided.
  • A stack of classic books or magazines is put on the nightstand or table in the room. Even though people can look everything up on their phone, it is always nice to be able to reach over on your night stand and have a magazine or book to look at. 
  • I always provide water bottles or a pitcher of water and glasses.  Once your guest settles in, they may not want to roam around the kitchen looking for water.
  • This guest service is one I have just started to implement. I got the idea from Kate Spade.  Put two advil under the pillow with a note “from the hangover fairy” for those late nights. 
  • I leave hangers in the closet for our guests to use if they like.
  • There is a bedside clock just in case the phone alarm sleeps in as well.
  • Emergency toothbrushes and toothpaste are in the bathroom.
  • Fresh flowers, candles, and pretty soaps are in the bathroom in addition to guest towels on the counter.  The guest towels can be the pretty paper ones or cloth. 

In the future I look forward to adding some of the fun additions below:

  • If you share the bathroom with the guests, have separate towels for the guests and yourselves.  Make sure that the sets are different in order to differentiate who uses what.
  • Guest robes and slippers are nice if your guests decide to stay after a party or event.  Sometimes the guest may not have planned to stay and you want them to feel comfortable.
  •  I personally like to provide robes with guests embroidered on it and having several pairs of slippers.  Having the guest slippers embroidered with guests on one foot and sleep/best/hungry on the other is a fun touch. 

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