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August 14

First Time Home Buyer

Hello all future home owners! Buying a home takes a lot of work and is an extremely stressful experience. Buying a home is an extremely complex process! These are just a few tips I wish I knew before buying a home. I don't think either of us were prepared for the craziness of buying our first home

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November 12

How to Publish a Book on Amazon

Authorship is possible for those that want to put in the time.  It is my hope that those of you that want to write can  now realize their dream.  Fast forward-you did it.  You wrote your book! Learn how to publish it in a fast and easy way.

October 22

Working from home

While many people are not able or have to work from home. There have been some adjustments that need to be made. Finding the perfect balance between work life and family life has become a little blurred now that it is all from home. Here are some tips to help create a balance.

November 19

Spend Smarter on Black Friday

The holiday season is upon us which means you can expect to see advertisements for Black Friday promotions to be everywhere.  Sometimes spending can get a little out of hand in general this time of year so Black Friday can be a great opportunity to score deals, get great prices on big-ticket items, and save money on your holiday shopping.

October 15

The DIME Method

Every family will have a different life insurance need.   The “DIME” method was created as a starting point to help people calculate their life insurance needs.  DIME is an acronym for Debt/Death,  Income,  Mortgage and Education. What is your insurance need?

September 17

Life Insurance 101

As she was showing me pictures of her baby in cute outfits, she brought up the topic of life insurance and feeling the need to protect her child’s needs in the event of her demise.  She mentioned that she was feeling like she was starting to get older and that the insurance premium would be too much for the amount she wanted.  The desire to protect her family in the event that she and/or her husband would die is more of a priority in her life now.

May 5

How to Open a Bank Account

So you are looking to open a bank account. That is great! You are probably wondering how you can open one. Below is a run down of how you can open a bank account that will best suit your needs.

March 25

5 Basics of Financial Literacy

There are many aspects to personal finance and your financial knowledge can always grow. Below are a few basics that you should take into consideration as you start your personal finance journey.

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