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DIY Calendar

Crystal Barrow

I had been looking for a whiteboard calendar for some time but couldn’t find the right one to fit my wants and needs.  Ultimately, I bought a plain whiteboard and made it to my liking.  It has a monthly calendar on the top half so that I can get an overview of the month.   On the bottom is a weekly review that is broken down by time increments in order for me to efficiently manage my days.  

You will want to customize your whiteboard to meet your needs.

1. Decide on a whiteboard size.

I bought my board from Costco.  Size is 24” by 36”.  They don’t them all the time.

2. What is the best layout for you?

  • Monthly, weekly, both, hourly, quotes, room for pictures, etc.
  • Do you want a monthly calendar, a weekly calendar or both? 
  • Do you want your days on your weekly calendar to be hourly?
  • Do you want to leave room for pictures or quotes?
  • What else would you like on your calendar?

3. Needed supplies

  • Washi tape or other decorative tape
  • Stickers if desired
  • Other embellishments
  • Magnets 
  • Whiteboard markers

Really make it personal.  You can use as much or as little amount of color as you would like.  Create what works best for you.  Make sure you will enjoy looking at it; it is functional; and will keep you organized.

4. Put it all together

Have fun and get creative!

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