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DIY Bathroom Makeover

Crystal Barrow

My husband and I have been in our home for about 6 months now.  We have been able to fully furnish our home and are enjoying it even though there are some projects that need updating.  Looking around the house there are a few things that we have added to our list that we would like to upgrade or update a little bit.  One of the places on our list we wanted to update was our master bathroom. My husband and I have an amazing master bathroom that just needed a few tweeks.  We are fortunate to have a double sink, plenty of counter space, large mirrors and  a vanity which I love!  The only thing is that when we moved into our home it was a little outdated.  The bathroom cabinets were brown and the counters were just plain white.  It wasn't terrible but it wasn't what we really wanted it to look like.  We decided to redo our bathroom but wanted to make sure that it was budget friendly, fairly easy, quick, and semi permanent just in case we want to change it up in the future.  

Below is a list of items that we used to customize our bathroom.

  • Peel and Stick PaperIt took me a little time to get the hang of applying the peel and stick. Once I got the hang of it the process started to move much quicker.  This process can be a little time consuming so I broke up the areas that I was going to do each day.  I would have to say the most difficult part was figuring out how to cut around the sinks, especially since our sinks are round. They were a bit more difficult to cover than a square sink would be.  There are specific tools that you can purchase to smooth down the peel and stick when adhering it to your counter.  I had used an old gift card that didn’t have any money left on it which worked well for me.  If you can get help while putting down the peel and stick it can make it easier to put the peel and stick down and push all the air bubbles out at the same time. If you don’t have help it is still absolutely doable. It just may take a little bit more time.  There are so many peel and stick options out there from counters, to wallpaper to even flooring.  Using peel and stick products makes it so easy to apply as well as remove the product when needed.  This product was affordable for the wide range of options that were available.  We purchased marble peel and stick for our counters and they turned out great.  We purchased our peel and stick from Amazon but Walmart has a pretty good selection and affordable prices. 
  • Paint / Paint SuppliesWe decided to just paint our cabinets white.  We were able to purchase a paint that had primer and a gloss coat included in one.  At first when we opened the paint it looked almost green, but when we mixed the paint it turned into a nice pearly white.  This was an easy process. Using a few smaller paint brushes for the corners and rollers my husband and I were able to paint the cabinets.   It took us about half a day and 3 or 4 coats to paint all the cabinets.  We had some portable fans that we put in the bathroom and left the windows open all day to let it dry.  We purchased some of the blue painters tape to tape off the walls we did not want to paint.  We as well cut open some trash bags to protect the floors from any paint splatter.

This is a little backstory concerning how I got the next items.  I was in my last week of school to get my masters and my husband decided that he wanted to surprise me with something I really wanted.  I tend to be a bit indecisive so I wasn't able to give him an answer on what I wanted and said that I would let him know.  I got preoccupied with other things and forgot to give him any ideas.  One day I came home and saw graduation decorations on the counter with a card and some wine.  I heard my husband and daughter upstairs so I decided to go up.  I was immediately stopped by my daughter as soon as I walked in the room and told to close my eyes.  My husband quickly finished what he was doing in the bathroom and then my daughter and I went in.  I was amazed to see my vanity got a complete face lift.  My husband had furnished my vanity with the below items which had completely changed the overall look.  

  • Vanity LightsMy husband hung the circular bubbled lights around the mirror.  These lights have an adhesive backing that could be switched out with the ones that are easier to remove if you are renting and would need to take them down eventually.  The lights have different settings that allow for different brightness and color undertones.  I felt like these lights really gave it a luxurious vanity feel.
  • Modern Swivel Chair He was able to find a really nice short swivel chair with a round back.  He put a faux fur rug on the back of the chair which was a nice touch.  
  • Rug He added a similar faux fur rug on the floor under my vanity.  
  • Counter Accessories and Organizational ProductsHe found a cute makeup organizer that he put on the counter that had different compartments for lip products, brushes and larger makeup products.  
  • Silk RobeThis isn't really an accessory but I thought it looked really good with the overall ambiance of the vanity.  Right next to the vanity, he put a command hook and hung a brand new blush pink long silk robe.  

This was a beautiful heartfelt gift that I appreciated.  Gifts that are thought out and executed by loved ones are priceless.

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