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DIY Bridesmaid Boxes on a Budget

Crystal Barrow

I was working with a budget for our wedding with the understanding that we would probably have to fund the majority of the wedding ourselves. I had to figure out some pretty creative ways to achieve my vision of a beautiful amazing wedding and avoid the dread of looking at my bank account the next day.

One of the areas that can really add up is with the bridesmaid boxes.  There are many beautiful boxes to purchase or you can make your own.  Be creative and save those boxes from items purchased or received as gifts that can be refurbished to meet your desired look.

1. Decide on a budget. 

  • Determine what the maximum amount you are willing to spend on each bridesmaid.

2. Get inspiration.

  • Pinterest Previous bridesmaids boxes from other weddings

3. Figure out if you will keep it with the theme of the wedding.

  • What are your theme colors?
  • What are your theme scents?
  • Make use of signature pieces. Miine were based around succulents. 

4. Hit the dollar tree and 99 center stores.

  • There are sooo many great finds at these places. Below are a few items that I found that I ended up including in my bridesmaids “boxes”.
  • You can also check amazon and other online stores for great deals!

5. Self assemble 

  • Get a box or basket and some accent fluff and start assembling.  You can get really creative and place the objects wherever you like!
  • Top it off with some clear cellophane wrap, tissue paper or leave it as is!

6. Add a personal touch. 

  • Personalized cardF
  • avorite candy / snack 
  • Include items that are the same color as their dresses such as nail polish. 

Figure out when you will give it to them. 

  • In my situation, we were not having a bachelorette party due to COVID and time constraints.  This could be a great time to distribute them.
  • Oftentimes, gifts are given out at the rehearsal dinner.
  • A more intimate setting could be when the wedding parties are getting ready and time is allotted for the giving of gifts.

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