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Hello all! My name is Crystal. I am a wife and a step mommy. I hope you are able to find some content you enjoy and ideas that you find helpful that can make your life a little easier!

  • The internet has made it easy to communicate and share information. With this blog I am looking forward to sharing topics that I find interesting. I hope that the articles on this blog will be a fun and helpful resource for many.
  • Continually growing my relationship and parenting skills is extremely important to me. This is an extremely important topic to me that I am continually working to improve.
  • Self improvement and personal development is a hot topic that has created a lot of buzz lately. This is an interesting topic that I have been working to gain a better understanding of.
  • Finance and business is something that is extremely important to have some common knowledge and understand as an adult. I am not an expert in this area by any means but I enjoy sharing the knowledge I am continually striving to get.
  • I am a happy new home owner and working my way to better organizational skills. I would like to share some tips and tricks I have learned along the way.
  • Etiquette is not as popular as it used to be. I have always had a fascination with etiquette and seeing how they apply in this time and age.
  • I am looking forward to having an open discussion about the above topics and learning from one another to continual growth and development while having fun.
  • I would love to connect with others that are interested in growing their relationship and parenting skills, are eager to personally develop, are interested in finance and business, enjoy diys in their home, organization and etiquette.
  • I am hoping to reach more people and share tips and tricks, knowledge I am continually working to acquire, fun adventures and much more.

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